Senior Photos


Please submit four photos of your Senior, but don’t share them with him or her! We would like to surprise them with a video of the photos at the Senior Dinner.

Pick photos of them alone, doing what they do best (in or out of school), or with a small group of friends. They can all be recent or a combination of recent/growing up–your kid, your choice! The videos are fun when the kids at the banquet laugh at the photos. Silly is good! Hopefully, the kids and the Lovejoy staff will be completely entertained!

  • All photo file names need to include the Senior’s complete name. This is very important, as there are A LOT of kids and photos to go through.  For example: Smith_John_1.jpg, Smith_John_2.jpg, Smith_John_3.jpg, Smith_John_4.jpg.
  • All photos should be in .JPG form.  Also, take care that the photos you choose are of a quality high enough to be projected on a big screen. If they look blurry or grainy, they will look worse in a big format.
  • Please upload your photos with your child’s full name to the following site:
  • All photos received will be reflected on the STATUS web page. Please check there to make sure you have successfully uploaded 4 photos. The status will be updated frequently.
  • DEADLINE:  Submit photos by 11:59 pm on March 31, 2018THIS IS A FIRM DEADLINE.  Please consider submitting photos sooner rather than later.  This is a big job.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Tom Kreuser at

Please DO NOT email your photos directly to Tom.