Lovejoy High School Leopard logoThe Lovejoy Senior Parent Booster Club was formed in April of 2009 with the goal of providing a way for parents to honor their seniors by sponsoring three events which “bookend” their senior year. This is a tradition that the parents of the following classes have carried on and will be continued for future Lovejoy graduates.

Our kickoff event occurs before the annual
Senior Walk that takes place on the first day of school with a special seniors-only breakfast.

The final event is a Graduation Dinner (formerly held as a Brunch) that is held prior to graduation to honor seniors for their hard work and many accomplishments during their years at Lovejoy High School.

The Board also helps the Seniors with their Baccalaureate.

By bringing the class and parents together, both have the opportunity to celebrate friendships formed on the playgrounds and classrooms of Lovejoy over the last twelve years. As parents of the graduating seniors, we want the students to know how proud we are of the traditions they are continuing, their immeasurable accomplishments and achievements, and the legacy they will leave for future graduating classes.